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Conservationists urging Congress to pass a budget deal now

The October 1 fiscal year deadline to pass a new federal government budget is approaching and conservation funding needs a deal that is bipartisan and avoids sequestration — a device that cuts spending from federal agencies and programs, including funds from natural resources and environment accounts, to pay off the U.S. government’s debt.

Investing in conservation and recreation infrastructure grows our economy, preserves our lifestyle and protects us from the impacts of natural disasters. FANN is proud to be part of America’s Voice for Conservation, Recreation and Preservation (AVCRP), an advocacy coalition over over 1200 groups representing conservation and outdoor recreation.

The AVCRP Steering Committee has developed a hashtag, #budgetdealnow, that urges Congress to pass a budget deal and avoid sequestration. Please use the #budgetdealnow to help amplify this message on Twitter and Facebook.