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FANN members up and running post Irma

Downed tree in nursery Hurricane Irma
Greenhouses ripped in Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma, September 2017

Most of us were very fortunate …

Photos provided by Marc Godts, Green Isle Gardens.

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7 PINES NATIVE PLANT NURSERY: Dara Dobson says she has nothing to complain about by comparison with Central & South Florida. Lots of plants to stand back up, lots of branches down, lots of perennial wildflowers smashed by the storm.

ALEXANDER LANDSCAPING & PLANT FARM: Alyssa Lavoro reports all humans good, big nursery mess to cleanup..

ALL NATIVE GARDEN CENTER & PLANT NURSERY: All good and within 24 hours, John Sibley and crew had amassed a 500-ft long, 6-ft high & wide pile of vegetative debris.

FISH BRANCH TREE FARM: Wendy Hunter reports “It’s challenging to run a business with no electric, phones, or internet – but even harder to go out into the fields and work side by side with our awesome crew–they wore me out!” Weeks of clean-up.

FLORIDA NATIVE PLANT NURSERY: okay but they were hand watering 2.5 acres of potted plants via garden hoses stretched from lake with submersible pump till the power came back on …

FLORIDA ORGANIC SOLUTIONS: Eric Carl says FOS was offering storm debris recycling in Hillsborough County and ice!

GREEN ISLE GARDENS NURSERY: Marc Godts reported loads of clean up, all structures fine, plants fine, looking forward to resumed production of baby plants pronto.

GREEN SEASONS NURSERY: Roger Triplett says “Whew! all good, dodged another bullet!” Green Seasons’ power came back on so fast they were able to lend their generators to other FANN members.

GREEN THUMB: Janine Griffiths reports all good and her crew back to work in 24 hours.

HASTINGS NURSERY: Pat and Jeff said they were “very fortunate! offering a 10% discount on all plants purchased by Sept. 29, Saw Palmetto not included, pickup only.”

INDIAN TRAILS NATIVE NURSERY: Jane Thompson reports all good.

MAPLE STREET NATIVES: Sharon Dolan reported lots of debris & everything down, but nursery operating right away.

MARTIN COUNTY FARMS: Todd Olson happy to report no impact! “Just a few pots turned over.” See current inventory.

MCKEITHEN GROWERS: Eddie McKeithen reports all good! McKeithens laid every tree down before the storm and they’re ready to sell!

PRO NATIVE CONSULTING: Steve Woodmansee was so glad to get power back and ready to sell retail native plants to Miami-Dade County customers.

SANDHILL GROWERS: Chris Holly reported no power or Internet but open on Monday Sept. 18, 2017. Call Chris directly at 863-990-7498.

SCCF Native Landscapes & Garden Center: Jenny Evans gave a quick initial update that everyone was fine, big trees down, lots of mess, some flooding and the Bailey Homestead property, where FANN and the Native Plant Horticulture Foundation met in December 2016, was okay.

SILENT NATIVE NURSERY: Steve Woodmansee reported some damage in the nursery but John Lawson says they’ll be back in business within 2 weeks.

SWEET BAY NURSERY: Tom Heitzman and Richard Beaupre took a strategic evac-vacation and relied on staff to say all good! Plus it helps to locate your nursery next to an electrical substation with big power poles.

THE NATIVES: Sarah Kiefer reports “Lost power and water for 4 days. Learned our lesson after Charley and bought generators. Trees on breezeway between house and office but not any major damage. My kids and I assembled a 6’ high and wide by 100’ + long debris pile at home.”

TROPIC TRADITIONS: Jim Fleming reports no damage, operating normally.

TWINFLOWER NURSERY: Twinflower filled and covered a canoe with water and used that to keep plants nourished! Dottie Hanna says they’re okay after a week without power and water, and planning to buy a generator for next time.

TWO TIRED SERVICES: a small local landscape services firm using pedal power and electrical equipment, owner Ryan Scofield reports “My business has been just fine, and I was able to get right out there and start helping customers clean up. Unlike most landscaping companies, I had no problem with the gas shortage across the area. I was able to ride right by the either abandoned gas stations, or mile-long lines of panicked people hoping for a refill. I was able to maneuver around storm debris and through some flooding without much issue at all.”

WILCOX NURSERY & LANDSCAPE: Bruce says no damage, no flooding, lots of cleanup done, open for business & offering 10% off for September!