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FNPS publishes beautiful new landscaping brochures for 6 regions of Florida

FNPS native landscape brochures

60 plant profiles are organized according to soil conditions (drier, average and wet) and light conditions (sun, part sun, shade).

The Florida Native Plant Society has published six beautiful new native landscaping brochures for the Northeast, North Central, West Coast, Southeast, Central and Panhandle regions of Florida. The brochures organize photos and landscape information for 60 plants according to light and soil conditions, so that gardeners can, for example, quickly identify excellent choices for their sunny drier soils or shady wetter soils.

FNPS took great pains to include recommendations for both easily found plants as well as excellent underutilized plants that should be more widely available, in an effort to help stimulate demand for more diverse species. The brochures, a project of the FNPS Council of Chapters, have been in development for two years and undergone “extreme vetting” by the society’s conservation and science experts so that gardeners can be assured of quality regionally appropriate information.

The full color brochures fold out in a large form and then neatly down to a handy 5-1/2 x 7 inch size. Thousands of copies have been printed and are being distributed by the Society’s 36 chapters and other partner organizations. The brochures refer gardeners to FANN and our retail/residential site,, for sources of plants. Coordinate with your local FNPS chapter to obtain copies.

Milkweed Man Scott Allen Davis' front yard is featured on the FNPS native landscaping brochures

Milkweed Man Scott Allen Davis’ front yard is featured on the FNPS native landscaping brochures