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Tampa Title 1 high school needs plants & gardening tools

Hillsborough County Leto High School Science Teacher Sean Murray is seeking to inspire Florida-friendly landscaping on the school campus and seeks donations of native plants including cuttings or seeds if appropriate as well as mulch, sea shell gravels, usable old tools, gloves, hoses, rain barrels etc.

Sean Murray, 813-690-9327 or
Leto High School

Here’s Sean’s original message:
I am a science teacher at A. P. Leto High School. We are a title 1 school in Tampa Florida. The school was built in the 50’s and she is showing her age. There are several private schools in the area that draw students and funding away from this once elite public school. Students at Leto come from modest and proud families that often work multiple jobs. We would like to create a Florida friendly landscape in our Science Atrium and hopefully, if well recieved, spread it through out the campus. We have a $0 dollar budget, but have enthusiastic students who are not afraid of getting dirty. What we are looking for is : mulch, sea shell gravel for a pathway, clippings of Florida native plants we can grow and plant like coco plum, sea grape, pigeon plum, flowering plants like hibiscus, butterfly plant seeds like milkweed, native grasses that don’t require mowing, old tools we can make new, old gloves, old hoses we can make into soakers, rain barrels, or anything else people do not want anymore.
Thank you.